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Quote 'UR' Heart #3 - Blush

Welcome to Quote ‘UR’ Heart, a place to explore your thoughts and to write your heart. Everyone in this world love to quote his or her words in the way they wish. This place helps to bring the best quotes out of you. The challenge is write a quote for the theme (word) given. Every Sunday Morning 08:00 AM IST, I will be here with a word. Will you come here to write your heart? The prompt runs between Sunday 08:00 AM IST to Saturday 08:00 PM IST.

Some rules:
1. The quote should be original and it should sync with the theme.
2. The quote should be a single sentence. Write one sentence using no more than one semicolon that is no less than 10 words and no more than 25.
3. If you like any quote written by the fellow challengers, vote for it (I mean appreciate it by replying to it).
4. Don't criticize another's quote if you do not like it, kindly ignore it.
5. Do not BOLDEN your comment using the HTML Bold Tag.
6. Do not HYPERLINK your comment to any site using the HTML Anchor …

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