Quote 'UR' Heart #6 - Mother

Welcome to Quote ‘UR’ Heart, a place to explore your thoughts and to write your heart. Everyone in this world love to quote his or her words in the way they wish. This place helps to bring the best quotes out of you. The challenge is write a quote for the theme (word) given. Every Sunday Morning 08:00 AM IST, I will be here with a word. Will you come here to write your heart? The prompt runs between Sunday 08:00 AM IST to Saturday 04:00 PM IST.

Some rules:
1. The quote should be original and it should sync with the theme.

2. The quote should be a single sentence. Write one sentence using no more than one semicolon that is no less than 10 words and no more than 25.

3. If you like any quote written by the fellow challengers, vote for it (I mean appreciate it by replying to the quote).
4. Don't criticize another's quote if you do not like it, kindly ignore it.
5. Do not BOLDEN your comment using the HTML Bold Tag.
6. Do not HYPERLINK your comment to any site using the HTML Anchor Tag.
7. Do not WRITE anything extra in your participating comments. If you want to justify or explain your quote kindly use REPLY option to do the same.
8. You can post more than one quote!
9. Keep these points in mind to make my job easier.
10. PS: I Reserve the Right to Reject Any QUOTE in case I find it to be inappropriate or not in sync with the topic or if it appears to be hurting someone.

Who can participate?
This challenge is open to all the thirsty hearts. All you need to do is to leave your quote as comment.

When can you write?
Sunday 08:00 AM IST – Saturday 04:00 PM IST

Are we selecting a winning quote?
Every week I will pick a quote either based on number of comments (appreciations or cheers) or the number of like your quote get in Few Miles Facebook Page or based on creativity and originality. The winning quote will be featured in Few Miles Facebook Page with author’s name for the album, Quote ‘UR’ Heart. (PS: The admin reserve the right to create an image using your words with your name as in the image below. By entering the challenge, the above rules are applicable by default.) If you have any queries, please contact me using the ‘Contact Me’ page.

Last Week Winning Quote:
Quote Courtesy : Punam... Designed by Someone is Special

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Are you ready for the challenge? Here you go! The theme for Week 6 is Mother

! Happy Mother's Day !

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Happy Writing! Have fun!


  1. * A pure heavenly selfless soul that can withdraw everything even her life for just to see a little smile of her child... Is Mother.

    * No place in the world could be as protective as mother's embrace.

    * The most beautiful emotions are expressed when a child realize the worth of mother ; the sacrificing soul in life, wipes her tears and say, ''I am your strength just because you are my strength''

  2. A six-letter word that encompasses the whole world of a child - M O T H E R.

  3. Mother to a child is like water to a fish - survival is difficult for the child if he/she is not embraced by a mother's loving aura and blessings irrespective of his/her age.

  4. I was asked to define Love and all I could come up with was a word - M O T H E R.

  5. I was told that God made mothers because he could not be everywhere..and that made sense.. he took mine away because wanted to be with me himself.. living with this belief has always made me feel the presence of God at all the times..

    Originals from RS:)

  6. Mother : "The one who can hide tears too to see the love flourishing."
    Tujhe sab hai pata meri Maa !

    1. Welcome to Quote UR Heart.. Loved your quote!

    2. Thank You ... infact I felt pleasure to quote up my words here .


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